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Urgent translation

Do you urgently need a translation of the documents? We will help! Our staff interpreters will make a translation in a few minutes or hours.

Urgent transfer - it’s not only saving of your time but also saving of means for supporting procedures, as long as the most often is an urgent translation of documents for traveling abroad or execution of contracts. Thus, having ready urgent translation, you can solve your problems faster, without losing profits due to down time.

We offer the following types of urgent translation:




EXPRESS TRANSLATION FOR 30 MINUTES - this type of translation is usually used when working with small documents on general subjects or "template" documents, such as translation of parental consent for an underage child to travel abroad, translation of passport, various kinds of certificates and etc. After receipt of the order, the document is sent to the translator for translation into relevant language. Upon completion of translation editor proofreader starts to work over the translated text.


TRANSLATION FOR 1 HOUR - this type of translation is used when working with bigger documents such as resumes, references, presentation, letters, scientific articles, claims, court statements, test documents, contracts, and statutes.

TRANSLATION FOR 1 DAY - this type of translation is more complex and is usually applied at work with multi-page and domain specific documents, particularly texts on technical and medical subjects. In this case execution of the order is carried out in integrated synchronous format, when all operating units take part: translator, editor and proofreader, coder, coordinator, and so on. This approach not only minimizes the loss of quality, but also speeds up the completion and delivery of customer order.

Urgency - is not a reason to make a translation with a help of automatic programs that produce texts of rather average if not worse quality; staff specialists of the «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center work over each order.  

High professional competence of employees, observance of order schedules and continued quality guarantee of service - these are the key moments in activity of «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center.

Order processing scheme of urgent translation used at our Center allows the customer to get a translation performed at a highly professional level. Regardless of timing, translation of the document is performed by translators specialized in topics related to the text. All translations, and particularly urgent, undergo a thorough proofreading.

We also provide services of urgent translation with notary certification, which can be made directly in front of you, as well as legalization and apostillation of documents within maximal short terms.