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About us

ATTENTION please use the website options to contact us, as well as the active contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your city. Our company currently works online in according with same schedule and conditions in every city. Sorry for the inconveniences. You can use the website options or send your ORDERS on e-mail: customer@gmc-translation.com

«GMC Translation Service» Translation Center  - is an international company with stable organizational and financial structure occupying the leading position in the market of translation services.

Our Translation Center was founded in 1995 and over the last years has achieved impressive results.

We translate 127 languages of the world, and our services range can satisfy almost any inquiries of our clients.

We have accumulated vast experience in various fields, which allows us to translate materials:

 • any volume;
 • any subject;
 • as soon as possible;

The main principles of our work are:

implementation of advanced technologies in the field of professional translation and project management;

• commitment to quality;

• Individual approach to each client;

• confidentiality;

• involvement of professional translators with a narrow and specific competence;

Branch of activities:

• translation and interpretation;

• notarization of translations;

• preparation of documents for apostil and consular legalization, intended for action abroad;

• we issue materials in the form of an exact copy of the original, that is in full compliance with the original format, retaining tables, figures, regardless of the design complexity.

Our priorities - the highest quality service, perfection of translation and optimal price.

Our branches are located in 11 countries of Europe and Asia! And we will not stop on the achieved!

Quality of translations we make is witnessed by lasting business relationships with foreign embassies and representative agencies, banks, MFA, NBU, Ministry of Interior Security Service, Ministry of Justice, Department of Justice and leading enterprises of the country, as well as recommendation letters and testimonials as the best translation company received from them.

Many large corporations, banks, international non-governmental and governmental organizations decided in favour of our «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center.

We can practically everything in the sphere of language translations.
We believe that our work really improves the world. We believe that mutual understanding and accessibility of knowledge unite people.

We will help you to save time and money, and you will want to come back to us again!

We invite you to verify this!


They trust us

They trust us