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Translation of text is a specialization of «GMC Translation Service» Translation Center.

We are ready to carry out translation of small texts in the shortest possible time and complex technical translation of documents more than 5,000 pages per week.

A distinctive feature of our agency is the fact that we carry out professional translation of text of any subject, complexity and volume. This was made possible due to the fact that we have a reliable and competent team of highly qualified professionals who are selected carefully from a large number of candidates, including positions of translators and editors.

Today we have resources allowing us to perform a high quality translation of texts from the majority of languages of the world, as well as into those languages.

It should be noted that we are pleased to offer our customers services of both written and oral translation that is also due to the presence of interpreters who are specialized in those or other kinds of oral and written translation.

Placing an order at our Translation Center you get:

• time savings;

• guaranteed results in optimal time;

• adaptation to your individual objectives and business processes;

• quality control at all stages of implementation;

For many years of successful work «GMC Translation Service» Translation Center has gained invaluable experience on the following topics and services:


    Translations of texts with oil and gas subject matter refer to the most complex and dedicated types of translation. Such translation is impossible to perform at high level without knowing economy of oil production, insurance and financial issues of this branch of industry.

    Our specialists have been performing interpretations and translations of texts with oil and gas subject matter for many years. While possessing sufficient experience and knowledge in this field, the employees of GMC Translation Service Translation Center successfully manage every obstacle.


    Translation of technical texts has its own specificities and is deemed to be one of the most complex types of translation. Competent translation of technical documentation requires not only free possession of the relevant lexis and terminology, but also clear understanding of those processes and systems, which the original text is about. Translation of technical texts implies obligatorily using of scientific-technical terminology and special lexis.
    Our translators of technical texts have a long-term experience of working with texts of various technical subject matter, and due to this high quality and timely implementation of technical translation is ensured.  


    We perform translation of texts with medical subject matter and of any complexity, from patient information leaflets for pharmaceuticals to scientific articles and manuscripts. Professional translators and editors have higher medical education and large experience of translations in various medical fields. In dependence on individual order specificity we select translators and editors having relevant medical specialization and experience of translating in this field. Due to professionalism and accumulated experience in conjunction with strict quality control we can provide competent and qualified translation of any project.


    Translation of texts with an economic subject matter is a special type of translation requiring the translator’s possessing special knowledge. Competent implementation of economic texts translation is impossible without knowing fundamentals of economic theory and understanding special economic terminology. Translation of such materials requires translators’ being, first of all, attentive to particulars, ability of maximum attention concentrating, higher responsibility and competency in this field of translation. Attentive treating of data and figures, accurate compliance with terminology and original form, diligent and thorough work with large number of documents – these all are the main rules of economic texts translation. Within the period of operation, GMC Translation Service Translation Center has accumulated invaluable experience of work with specialized texts of this subject matter.  


    We provide our clients with language translations of legal papers. Due to long-term persistent work we managed to win confidence of many international legal firms, lawyers’ panels, bureaus and legal departments of major companies and representative offices of foreign organizations. We do our best to justify their high confidence. Our employees have legal education, and rich working experience. Translation of texts with legal content intended to be used abroad, can be checked by a native-speaker by request of the customer. We are glad to render you our translation services in any terms at favorable prices.


    Translation of civic documents, in line with standard translation and translation made by native-speakers, is one of the translation services offered by GMC Translation Service Translation Center to its clients.  
    The knowledge and experience we have accumulated during the years of operation allow us to account all the nuances of working with civic documents and provide our clients with not just translation but comprehensive preparation of documents for submitting them to relevant instances. We guarantee quality, confidentiality and prompt implementation of translation of civic documents.


    GMC Translation Service Translation Center performs translations of web-sites from and to over 127 foreign languages. This type of services has its specificity. When translating a web-site, the translator may face very different tasks: for example, reproduction of the unique style, usual for advertising and literary texts or translation of technical information. The highest demands for quality are raised.

    GMC Translation Service Translation Center implements a whole cycle of works for a site localization, and optimization of localized site for international searching engines and coding systems for correct display of the site content in this or that browser.


    GMC Translation Service Translation Center performs qualitative and prompt notarization of different documents for individuals and legal entities: civic documents of citizens and corporate documents. Notarization of documents may be implemented in regular or streamlined manner.  The notary certifies accuracy of the documents photocopy, authenticity of translation and signature of the translator. Notarization is implemented by the notary COMPETENTLY and PROMPTLY.

    Our Company performs notarization of documents by:

    • Public notary
    • Private notary
    It is known that success of international negotiations, conferences, seminars, round-table discussions and other activities, undoubtedly, depends on the quality of translations.  Simultaneous and consecutive interpreters of GMC Translation Service LLC will implement any order qualitatively. Our specialists treat their work with maximum responsibility. Particularly, they study the sphere of activity which the translation is related to, and also audience, terminology, dialectic characteristics of the language and etc. In addition, they observe the rules of business behavior and etiquette, have presentation skills: form friendly attitude of listeners to themselves and the partner for whom the interpretation is performed.
  • multimedia

    Our company performs translation of video and audio materials (in any format).


    In GMC Translation Service Translation Center you can order a service necessary in today’s rapidly developing world – EXPRESS TRANSLATION (urgent translation).   
    We will perform translation of any material with any complexity to / from foreign language in any terms convenient for the client!
    Terms of express translation for template documents:
    Within 30 minutes!!!
    Within 1 hour!!
    To a day!

    GMC Translation Service Translation Center performs in the SHORTEST TERMS:
    - Notarization;
    - Legalization;
    - Apostilization of documents.

    You can be sure that your order will be implemented timely and qualitatively.

  • makeup

    Our company renders services of materials making-up in PageMaker, InDesign, FrameMaker. Making-up may be implemented in original formats or “be reproduced” on the basis of originals in form of hard copy or in PDF format. Therefore these types of works are implemented by professional make-up men, having working experience in printing and publishing houses. We offer the following types of services, necessary for materials preparation for publication when translation of the same is completed:

    - making-up materials in all common formats based on PC platforms;
    - identification of scanned texts, conversion of texts into electronic form;  
    - texts translation with original formatting maintenance;
    - reproduction of a material in compliance with the original in “ one to one” manner (books, magazines, leaflets, brochures and other print media materials), as well as in programs of make-up of materials submitted in PDF, CDR, PSD, GIF, JPEG and other formats or received by scanning;
    - work with drawings in all common formats (AutoCAD, ArchiCad)

    We also work in programs: CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Flash, Macromedia Director, ArhiCAD, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, MS Publisher


    A number of countries adopted a multilateral agreement about streamlined procedure of documents legalization. This agreement is called the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, abolishing the requirement of foreign official documents legalization.

    Procedure of a document apostilization includes two stages:
     1) notarization of a copy and accuracy of the translated document
    2) certification by an authorized body, which sets a special stamp called apostille.


    Legalization is confirmation that the document originating from state authorities or executed with participation of such authorities complies with the legislation of this state. It certifies authenticity of the signature made by the official being signatory of the document, and of the seal of authorized state body.  

    Consular legalization consists of a number of certifications. First of all it is necessary to certify the document and correctness of the translation at a notary, then apply to the Ministry of Justice, where authenticity of the notary’s signature is attested. Then the Consular Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms authenticity of the Ministry of Justice signature.
    Our company performs legalization of documents in the territory of the CIS countries.

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