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Obtaining of duplicates

Obtaining of personal documents duplicates

Often while getting various public services associated with restoration of documents people experience various difficulties. Most often this refers to obtaining duplicates of various documents. Discovery of documents - is an opportunity, being in one country, to demand documents necessary to you from foreign countries, that is the procedure of obtaining duplicates of documents previously issued by one of the state bodies. 

In case of loss, damage of documents a lot of people need this service to provide a document to the requested authority. «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center offers services of acquisition, requisition of documents duplicates in the official bodies of Almaty, Astana (Kazakhstan), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Moscow (Russia), as well as other administrative centers of these countries.

On the territory of these countries we can request a discovery of the following personal documents:

• birth certificate;
• marriage certificate;
• a certificate of divorce;
• death certificate;
• the court's decision;
• certificate;
• diploma. 

Contact any of our offices or refer to the contacts listed on the web-site. Contact the manager via e-mail, if You are abroad.

We will accept your application and solve your problems as soon as possible.

To obtain a duplicate you need:

• a power of attorney, certified by a notary or consul;

• a copy of identifying document;

• a copy of document the duplicate of which you need to obtain. If the copy is not available provide full information specified in the original.

«GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center works in close cooperation with notary offices whose employees help to create and certify power of attorney in shortest period.

Very important! To discover, restore or obtain a duplicate of the document, all documents should be submitted in Russian or State languages.

In other cases you need to make a notarized translation. «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center also offers this service to translate the text.

You can get more information at offices of «GMC Translation Service» Language translations Center by phones:

+7 (727) 250-03-04 Almaty, Astana (Kazakhstan),

+996 (312) 90-10-10 Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan),

+998 (90) 323-00-13 Tashkent (Uzbekistan),

+7 (495) 650-55-41 Moscow (Russia),

Or  Write us

You can contact our Language translations Center and we will professionally solve Your problem to restore (discover) documents without your personal presence. If You live in another city or abroad, you conclusively need our assistance that will protect your nervous system, save Your time and money.