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The main principle of GMC Translation Service Translation Center is ensuring high quality of translation, which is achieved due to the fact that we have managed to unite managers’, translators’ and editors’ experience. We understand how important the role of personnel in this sphere is. To satisfy you with our work, the employees of our Translation Center are highly qualified specialists. Multistage system of selection allows us to be sure that a person working with us is the Professional with capital letter.

When addressing us, you will feel confident: our managers are ready to discuss all the details of the upcoming translation, whether it is major project or translation or several pages. High professionalism of our employees allows implementing translations of texts with various subject matters and volume. Our translators being narrowly-specialized will implement translations of documents with holding to terminology and style used in this field. Our editors will revise the text and you will receive completely finished result.

The company has developed the policy of translation quality assurance that enables to achieve high results, and we continue to progress. Special organizational structure of the company allows involving at every stage the employee who is the most competent.

  • Thus, on the stage of initial communication in Customer Relations Department our Customer Relations Manager will be at your service. The certain manager is assigned to every client, and he/she will be aware of all the specificities: priority directions of translation for this company (it means the subject matter of texts translation which is needed first of all, whether technical, legal or medical translation is necessary, or translation of private documents and etc.), scheme of confirming an order placement, whether interpretation or courier services are needed, and many other matters – all the particulars important for you.  
  • Then your order is transferred to Coordination Department. Coordinators of GMC Translation Service Translation Center have higher linguistic education that allows them competently distributing and selecting the best executive for the order implementation. The whole process passes under supervision of a coordinator if necessary, he/she helps to the translator to solve any issues occurring within translation process, and, that is more important for a client, keeps a close watch on the deadlines of order implementation.
  • The process of translation itself is performed in Translation Department by a translator who is specialized on this subject matter. The majority of translators who cooperate with GMC Translation Service Translation Center, in addition to principal linguistic education have also supplementary education in the field of their translation activity, or have extensive working experience. Therefore, we can provide translation of any subject matter at a high level: legal translation, technical translation, literature translation. 
  • Then the text is handled in Typing and Correction Department. We consider the stage of correctors alteration is very important. Because frequently one has to deal with large volumes of translation within short terms, a “fresh glance” allows revising the work of even the most experienced translator. After this the customer’s materials is handled by our editors.
  • In Legalization and Legal Assistance Department you can receive legal consultation in respect of any matters of documents legalization in which you are concerned.
  • Thanks to our designers and Design Department, translated material can be provided, by your request, not only in electronic form, bur also executed one-to-one, in compliance with the original, with observing the material format, color, paper quality and other. You can receive your order (brochures, books, magazines, booklets and many other) in any foreign language.
  • For your convenience, the employees of Courier Service Department will deliver your order to any point of the city that allows saving your time.