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European languages / Swedish

Translations from Swedish language to Russian and from Russian language to Swedish

GMC Translation Service translations Center offers professional translations from Swedish language (or to Swedish). If you need a written translation, our Center’s highly qualified translators, correctors and managers will make sure that everything is done in time and in high-quality. We can guarantee premium quality of translation in various subjects: medicine, ecology, oil and gas production, food industry, management and marketing, finances, instrument engineering, automobile industry, different types of legal documentation, contracts, software instructions, manuals to household appliances and technology and etc.

Swedish language – is not only the official language of Sweden, but also the second official state language of Finland which in this case is the “Fin-Swedish” language. Approximately nine million people who speak Swedish mostly live in Sweden, Finland, USA and Canada.

Swedish language is classified as a German language of the Indo-European family just like Danish and Norwegian.  Most of the modern Scandinavian languages have a common ancestor- ancient Scandinavian language, which was spread throughout Europe during the Vikings time thanks to trade activity. Such languages as Danish, Norwegian and Swedish were kept whole, as an ancient Scandinavian language up until the beginning of the second millennium, but then were divided under the influence of the German language.
The modern Swedish language was formed in the beginning of the 20th century on the basis of the Stockholm dialect and its vicinities. This variant of the Swedish language is standard and is used in mass media, within the limits of educational institutions etc.

The Swedish language covers some groups of various dialects:

  • Norlandish (in the north)
  • Sweyen (round lake Melar)
  • Jietskie (lake Vetter)
  • Swedish-Danish (in the south)
  • Swedish-Norwegian (in Jemtlande and Heredale)
  • Gothlandish (Goothnic)
  • Finljandsko-Swedish

Did you know… 

  • The word “Viking” in translation from ancient Scandinavian means- The inhabitant of gulfs, trading in gulfs.
  • Citizens of Sweden have free health and educational systems. And the size of the unemployment benefit can provide a comprehensible standard of living, and the unemployed rate in the country makes only 5 %.
  • Such inventions as: Matches, propeller, dynamite, machine engine Turbo, lighter Zipper, Tetra Pak- have all been invented in Sweden.
  • The so-called "buffet" (“smorgasbord”) has really been thought of in Sweden. But modest by nature Scandinavians don't name it Swedish. Centuries ago Scandinavians did preparations of products for winter storage - salty fish, root crops vegetables, and smoked meat. When guests would arrive, everything was placed on the table at once in big bowls. Therefore the owners had more time for dialogue.
 In the XIX century Sweden had a tradition called «an acquaintance bed". Taking

European languages