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Oriental languages / Farsi

Translation from Farsi to Russian language and from Russian language to Farsi

"GMC Translation Service" Translation Center offers professional translation from Farsi (or to Farsi). If you need a written translation from Farsi  to Russian language or from Russian language to Farsi, our team consisting of high –skilled translators, correctors and managers will do their best to prepare the translation in due manner and in due time. We ensure high quality of translation in various subject fields: medicine, ecology, oil development, gas production, food industry, management and marketing, finance, instrument engineering, motor industry, various types of legal instruments, contracts, software, guidances and manuals for modern household appliances and equipment, and etc.

Persian language, known also as Farsi, is the most widespread language of Iranian branch of Indo-European languages family as of number of its native speakers. It is spoken approximately by 100 million people, besides Farsi is used as a major language by approximately only 60 million. 50 million of Iranians (residents of former Persia) and about 10 million of Afghans and Pakistanis speaking a dialectic variant of Farsi – Dari consider Persian language as their native language. Persian language also is widespread in Tajikistan, where its elder form is used, in Pamir, and in states of Persian Gulf (Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman and Bahrain).

Persian – Arabic script is used in Farsi and majority of words has been borrowed from Arabic language since the Arabians conquered Iran in VII century. In XIX century English and French borrowings appeared in Farsi vocabulary. A standard variant of modern Persian language actually is Tehran dialect – language of TV, press, culture and educational institutions.

Did you know that …

  • Tomb (aromhag) of famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam is in Iranian town Nishapur, located between Tehran and Mashhad.
  • The city with a name affronting the ear of every Russian person – Koshmar exists on the territory of Iran. The city is known by several beauty Imamzadeh.
  • Son of the Persian emperor Darius I, Xerxes later became famous as the king had ordered «to strike see», when waters of Hellespont (the ancient name of the Strait of Dardanelles) destroyed the bridge built on his order for the army passing from Asia to Europe.
  • The Persians were great masters in carpet weaving still 2500 thousand years ago. Hand-made Persian carpets till now are of great rarity and piece of decoration for every house.
Persia is motherland of turban and garden roses

Oriental languages