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European languages / Norwegian

Translation from Norwegian to Russian language and from Russian to Norwegian language

"GMC Translation Service" Translation Center offers the services of professional translation from Norwegian language to Russian and from Russian to Norwegian language. The team of our Translation Center consisting of translators, correctors and managers will do their best to fulfill written translation in due manner and in due time. We ensure high quality of translation in various subject fields: oil development, gas production, food industry, instrument engineering, motor industry, software, medicine, finance, ecology, legal instruments, contracts, management and marketing, guidances for complex household equipment, and etc..

Norwegian language (norsk) is a language spoken approximately by five million of Norway residents. Norwegian language belongs to the Scandinavian group of the German branch of languages together with cognate Icelandic, Danish and Swedish languages. Due to geographical remoteness of some areas of Norway, the existing dialects of Norwegian language greatly differ from each other with vocabulary, as well as with grammar and syntax nuances.

During many centuries Norway didn’t have its own written language. Danish language together with Swedish and Icelandic languages acted instead of it exerted a great influence on formation processes of standard Norwegian language. Modern Norwegian language, both its verbal and written forms are realized in two variants recognized by the law:

  • «Bokmal» (word for word – book language) or «Riksmal» (supreme speech)
  • «Landsmal» (translated as a national language) or « Nynorsk» (new Norwegian).

Landsmal has been created by Ivar Aasen (the Norwegian linguist of XIX century) on the basis of west Norway dialects. At the end of XIX century Danish – Norwegian language used generally by urban residents was called «Riksmal» and both languages became the official languages. At the beginning of ХХ century both variants of standard Norwegian language got new names: «Riksmal» became called «Bokmal», and «Landsmal» - «Nynorsk». An effort to combine Riksmal and Nynorsk into common Norwegian language so-called Samnork has failed in the latter half of twentieth century and in 2002 was finally recognized as a fail.

Did you know that

  • The toponym «Norway» is translated as «a way to north», because many centuries ago the country was covered by huge a layer of ice and snow. 
  • On weddings in Norway not only guests, but caws also are regaled with beer.
  • In all weather the main means of transport of the Norwegians is a bicycle.
  • On Sunday, when a majority of the Norwegians bustle for ski walk, in underground of Norway you can meet a king of Norway with skis.
The Norwegians add sour cream, using it as dressing, to porridges (for instance cereal), and to many hot dishes.

European languages