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Languages of CIS peoples / Kazakh

Translation from Kazakh to Russian language, translation from Russian language to Kazakh

The GMC Translation Service Translation Center offers professional translation from Kazakh language (or to Kazakh language). If You need written translation from Kazakhto Russian language or from Russian language to Kazakh, our collective, in the name of highly qualified translators, correctors, and managers, will apply best efforts to fulfill translation qualitatively and in due time. We guarantee high quality of translation in different subject fields, such as: medicine, ecology, oil extraction, gas production, food industry, management and marketing, finances, instrument engineering, motor-car construction, different types of legal documents, contracts, software, instructions and manuals for modern household equipment and technology, and etc.

Kazakh is the national language of Kazakh people, indigenous population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also residing beyond it (Russia, Uzbekistan, China, and Mongolia). Kazakh is the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is included into the Kypchak language group, the nearest cognate to Nogai and Kara-Kalpak languages. As you know, the Kypchak area covers properly Kazakhstan, the part of Eastern Europe (the North Crimea, lower Volga, and Northern Caucasia), Kara-Kalpak, and part of Uzbekistan.

The Kazakh writing has undergone a number of changes. Thus, the Arabic script had been lying at its root up to 1929; from 1929 till 1940 it was based on Latin script; and the Russian script (Cyrillic alphabet) has been forming its basis from 1940 to the present day.

The accent in Kazakh language falls on the last syllable of the word for the most part. One more peculiarity of Kazakh language is made up of preposition absence. Meaning of Russian prepositions is delivered mostly by postpositions, as well as in the form of objective cases. If a numeral stands before noun, plural inflexional suffix is not used in the noun. Numerals and adjectives as the function of attributive before nouns do not change either in number, or in case.

Somewhile ago, due to the lack of financing for Kazakh language support programs, its development was restrained. In response to this initiative citizens had obtained a support of the Kazakhstan government and have seriously come down to correction of arisen situation. Currently the development of optimal standards of drivers and keyboard formats for Kazakh language is carried out actively. Such measures, undoubtedly, will contribute to expansion of Kazakh language presence in the Internet network.

During Presidential elections in Kazakhstan any legitimate challenger comes up against obligatory examination on Kazakh language prescribed by the country’s Constitution. The state language examination includes written work, oral conversation, and preparation of performance in Kazakh language (15 min.)

Do You know that …

  • Only several centuries ago Kazakhstan was mentioned in historical documents as the Cossack Horde, and its inhabitants were called the Cossacks.
  • Since the old days the Kazakhs have been famous for erne hunt; traditions of breeding and training of predatory birds have been descended.
  • Windows XP is translated into Kazakh language.
  • There are nearly 1 200 streets in Almaty.
Kazakh names, as a rule, have direct translation ("Asia" [Asiya`] - kind, noble; "Sherkhan" – brave as lion).

Languages of CIS peoples