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Европа тилдери / Croatian

Translation from Croatian language to Russian and from Russian language to Croatian.

 GMC Translation Service translations Center offers professional translations from Croatian language (or to Croatian). If you need a written translation, our Center’s highly qualified translators, correctors and managers will make sure that everything is done in time and in high-quality. We can guarantee premium quality of translation in various subjects: medicine, ecology, oil and gas production, food industry, management and marketing, finances, instrument engineering, automobile industry, different types of legal documentation, contracts, software instructions, manuals to household appliances and technology and etc.

Croatian language (hrvatski ) — is the official language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (along with Bosnian and Serbian) and is one of the six official languages of  the autonomous Vojvodina as a part of Serbia. Besides, it is official in some municipalities of the Austrian federal land of Burgenland.
It is considered to be in the Slavic group of Indo-European languages.  Their writing is base on the Latin alphabet. About 6.2 million people speak Croatian. The science studying Croatian language is called Croatistics.

Croatian Language— is a part of the Serbian-Croatian language continuum. besides the basic (literary) language it consists of three dialects:

Štokavian — 57 % people speaking,
Kajkavian — 31 % people speaking,
Čakavian — 12 % people speaking.
Three Croatian linguists — Stepan Babich, Bojidar Finka and Milan Mogush — in 1971 published  a manual on grammar and spelling, called Hrvatski pravopis («The Croatian Spelling»). The term — instead of official "Serbo-Croatian" — was a call to the Yugoslavian federalism. The book has been forbidden immediately, however one of the copies got to London where it was published. Nowadays the 4th edition of the book is considered a standard grammar book of the Croatian language.

 The Croatian language has a tradition ascending from the XIX century (Bogoslav Shylek,a philologist in the XIX century). Foreign terminology can’t be borrowed, and translated by the neologisms formed in Slavic roots: Croatian: sveučili š te (university) — eng. university, Croatian.: nogomet (football) — eng. football and etc.

Европа тилдери