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Current vacancies

If you want to offer your candidature to the vacancy of translator, you may send information about yourself, and we will consider your CV.

For a full-time job we require:

  • English translator
  • Chinese translator


  • Mastery of the English or Chinese language
  • Diploma of linguist-translator
  • At least three years’ experience in translation
  • Experience in juridical, technical, economical subjects, ready-made documents.
  •  Students, please do not contact us, we are looking for a professional

For a freelance work we require:

  • English translators;
  • German translators;
  • Finnish translators;
  • European languages translators;
  • Eastern and  uncommon languages translators;

Certified translators and native speakers are required for:

- English, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijan, Bulgarian, Georgian, Danish, Hebrew,

- Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Karakalpak, Chinese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian

- Mongolian, Moldavian, German, Polish, Persian, Romanian, Turkish, Tatar,

- Turkmenian, Tadzhik, Uzbek, Uighur, Ukrainian, French, Dutch, etc.

Interpreters are required for:

- Consecutive interpretation;

- Simultaneous interpretation.

Fill in the application for freelance translator vacancy:

Application for freelance translator

Fill in the application for interpreter vacancy:

Application for interpreter

Fill in the application for corrector-translator vacancy:

Application for сorrector

Text to the application for corrector: test_ corrector

Fill in the application for courier vacancy:

Application for courier

If you decide you want to work with us, please, send all necessary material to the e-mail: gmc_vacancy_gmc@mail.ru

If you can’t find a job that is right for you, please send us your CV with a covering letter. If your knowledge and experience are valuable for us, we will be pleased to discuss all possible options available.